A short post to congratulate the winner of the Turtle Investor 2016 Annual Giveaway.

I know, it took a while to get this out considering it is already at the end of May. You have noooo idea how hard it was to find someone to respond to my email. As I have always said, all subscribers are forever eligible for the Annual Turtle Investor Giveaway contest. But you would first have to, you know. Reply. My. Email.

Anyway. I had used a random number generator and slapped it on the entire email subscriber list which contains ‘live’ subscribers all the way from 2013 till 31st December 2016. Basically, it picked a winner for me! Yes!

Again, I had requested the latest winner to send me something after receiving the book, just for the fun of it!

Received the book! Thank you again!! – Travis

Teach what we learn, give what we have.

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