Annual Giveaway (2019) Contest Ends In








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Will It Be You?

Winner Of 2019 Giveaway

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Sorry for the late get back, hope this is not a phishing email. 
(the most hilarious reply I’ve ever gotten) 😀


Winner #2 Of 2018 Giveaway

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Here is a pic to confirm the successful delivery by SingPost and thanks again!


Winner #1 Of 2018 Giveaway

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Thanks for the news!


Winner Of 2016 Giveaway

Show Me The Money 4

Hello from Cambodia! Thanks again for the book. It’s been lovely reading it while on vacation.


Surprise Winner Of 2015 Extra Giveaway

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I am surprised to know I won because I never had luck in any lucky draws until now!


Winner Of 2015 Annual Giveaway

Show Me The Money 1

Thank you Kevin! (:
I’m so happy! Yea! I have received it and am reading it!


Winner Of 2014 Annual Giveaway

Invest Lah

Two thumbs up to you for organising this contest. I was intrigued by the content of your blog and I decided to sign up for the book giveaway. Who Knows! I actually won it.

I have just collected it yesterday and have started reading it ever since. It is definitely an interesting and useful read. Cheers to you and all the best anyway!


Winner Of 2013 Annual Giveaway

Millionaire Teacher