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Joseph Schooling “Shilling” Singapore Savings Bonds

It’s not every day that you see Joseph Schooling promoting Singapore Savings Bonds!

Year #1 of this tranche is 2.01% and I have applied for $5,000 as well. Last day to apply for this tranche is 26th Dec, and application results will be available on 27th Dec. Issue date on 2nd Jan 2019 with first interest payment on 1st Jul 2019.

Also, in March 2019, MAS will also launch a My Savings Bonds portal to provide investors with a consolidated view of their SSB holdings purchased using both cash and SRS funds. Investors will be able to apply for Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) using their Supplementary Retirement Scheme funds with effect from Feb 1, 2019.

Recommended Stock Tracker With Comparison Tool

One question that often comes up is a good stock tracker and/or portfolio monitoring tool. I used to rely on Financial Times and found it to be a pretty solid tool.

Saver vs Investor : Which One Are You?

How did bloggers build up their net worth?

Dr. Wealth doesn’t sugar coat

In case you didn’t get it, let me be explicit – I’m not doubting the financial bloggers’ ability to invest. I’m saying the key contributor to their initial capital and wealth is their propensity to save. High investment returns cannot make up for a tiny amount of capital.

I’ve yet to make my annual net worth post, and so – if I have to guess-timate .. my savings rate, after taking into consideration CPF contributions (employer and employee), would likely be above 50% I suppose. Oh yes, CPF is very much considered to be my money that I can invest with, especially when I consider HDB loan in my net worth. My initial capital came from income and savings. I rely on index investing to make my savings work that much harder for me.

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Not Forgetting The Annual Giveaway

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