Wasn’t expecting this but the beta Telegram group I set up has been incredibly helpful. Didn’t expect random chatter to end up giving so much insights and things I haven’t even thought of. More importantly, I’m glad that this little platform has given some people a place to ask and share finance-related things, even without me. I know such topics typically doesn’t go well with a lot of friends, family or co-workers.

Moving on to a few things seen and heard on the Turtle Investor Telegram Chat

Why Is The Yield For Lion-Philip S-REIT ETF So Low?

I’ve been rather puzzled by the rather low yield of the Lion-Philip S-REIT ETF for the longest time. A helpful friend of Turtle Investor sort of cleared it up – I have to admit I was sloppy because I didn’t dig deep enough.

It appears that they are switching the payout periods to be [Jan-Jun] and [Jul-Dec] so we should start seeing better numbers soon. Thanks YT!

Financial Bloggers – Where Are We Headed?

Maybe I’m influenced by Singapore Man Of Leisure. Apparently, it isn’t just my observation that there are some questionable tactics being employed by bloggers to further their own gains, sometimes at the expense of readers. *gasp* The very entities and powers that many of us were going up against in the first place! *cue dramatic music*

I shall not poke anyone in Singapore but let me share an example of a friend of mine in Malaysia who is actually being super transparent and upfront about referral links. That’s what I do as well. Standard practice is basically saying, yes – use my referral link and I’ll get a small referral fee in return. Since the reader benefits, he or she usually sees no harm in letting the blogger get the referral fee.

50% off fees is good

Of course, a similar program is in place in Singapore. If you’re not displaying the appropriate disclosure, you might think it is fine – at least the reader gets the fee reduction right? But the problem is when you know there is an alternate referral program that can potentially benefit the reader even more but don’t share it.

Maybe $10k managed free for 6-months is better

Do the Maths and for the sum invested of $20,000, both referral links offer the same discount. For small sums of investment and beginning investors, getting $10K managed 6-months for free is a better deal. Of course, this does not benefit the blogger as much because there is no cash incentive.

The recent cashback and miles campaign by Singsaver created another whole barrage of spam. Of course, I had to add to the chaos (not a sponsored post hahaha) by proclaiming I’m in the air miles camp. In my post, I mentioned “The question we should be asking is : how much are people getting paid for (or rewarded with) for encouraging sign-ups via their referral/affiliate links?

Because no matter which camp wins, the owner of the referral links are the ultimate winners.

In my opinion, the best blog post came from SRS Retirement Fund :

This is where I find the “debate” as to whether cashback or miles is better is really meaningless. Why? Cos the answer is it really depends on what stage of your life are you at, the career path and consequently your frequent flier status!

If you’re rich, cash-back is pointless. If you don’t travel, air miles are useless. You can read the entire blog post here.

CPF Is A Ponzi Scheme?

With the recent controversy over the CPF topics, I thought it is a good time to ask whether you really know enough about CPF? A very simple and easy-to-understand podcast is available at the link below on how to optimize various schemes under Singapore’s compulsory comprehensive savings plan, the Central Provident Fund.

Channel NewsAsia – The ABF Podcast [24 Jan 2019: Making the most of the CPF] 

I’ve written enough on CPF in recent days so if you want to read more, use the search box 🙂

Any Other Matters + Annual Giveaway 2018

Turtle Investor Chat Highlights #1 is here if you want to read more. A simpler way is to Join The Telegram Group. I’ll hang out when I’m free 😉 Gradually increasing group size! Guest chat without registration (top of the sidebar) supported too 🙂

I have already contacted and mailed out the books to the winners of the annual giveaway. Fingers-crossed they get it because it’s SingPost.