To be honest, I thought a lot about this before deciding to come up with this list. I have mentioned before that the Turtle Investor blog will forever be free for all. Ad revenue over the past year has also proven to be sufficient to sustain this website.

So, why am I putting up affiliate links now?

Good Products & Services ..

From the bottom of my heart, I feel that these are good products/services – and the fact is that many people will eventually come across them even without the existence of my blog. If that’s the case, how can you benefit even more besides having a good product/service?

By paying less or getting free usage! What many people (such as myself) do before signing up for anything these days is to Google for “promo code”, “discount code” or “referral link” so this is a win-win situation for both of us.

.. Don’t Always Survive

The second reason is a somewhat selfish one. The harsh reality is that businesses need customers/users to survive. Being good is never enough – and I would hate to see some of these products/services disappear not because they aren’t good enough, but because not enough people are using them or even know about them. Some of them are just small operations with earnest and sincere teams. I want to help them so that I can continue to use them.

Having said the above, I do have a very strict criteria in terms of what can be listed on this page.

  • I must use all of these paid services myself. Like you, I am just another paying customer, if you eventually choose to use them. I don’t recommend anything that I don’t use.
  • In addition to being good products/services (in my opinion), these referral codes and deals must benefit you – if not, why bother?
  • There must be no additional cost to you in all imaginable ways e.g. no special terms and services to abide by etc.
  • There is a possibility you won’t be able to get a better deal elsewhere. Not always the case but hey, I try to work out exclusive deals to the best of my ability.

Well? Give them a try and see if they fit your needs. If you have questions, pop by my Telegram chat group and drop me a message. I’ll try my best to help with your questions.


AutoWealth  |  robo advisor

AutoWealth is a Singapore-based robo-advisor that automates and rebalances my investment portfolio that tracks the MSCI All-Country World Index and the FTSE World Government Bond Index.

AutoWealth Referral Code : turtleinvestor
Website :
What You Get : $20 Credit
What T.I Get : $20 Credit
See How I Use AutoWealth : my blog posts


StocksCafe  |  portfolio management

StocksCafe is a suite of tools that help me to invest better. Evan started StocksCafe as a personal project and has put in a ton of effort into improving StocksCafe and making it available for all. Access to data is expensive : a pricey five-figure sum each year. To help StocksCafe to grow (and ensure its survival), it needs to increase the number of users. Free users contribute via ad revenue, whereas paying users like myself contribute with monthly/yearly payments.

Sign up as a free user (try it out) AND use my referral code. If you ever wish to continue as a paid user in future, the discount will then automatically applied. Hope you’ll love it as much as I do (esp. all those fanciful performance charts I post) – my referral code is yours to use.

StocksCafe currently charges $4.90/mth, $39/year or $99/3-years. (click here for current features)
Evan is generous enough to give an old customer since 2016 (me) an exclusive code so that you can get a special rate of $35/year or $90 for 3 years.

StocksCafe Referral Code (New sign-ups) : stockscafeturtle | turtle investor link
Website :
What You Get : Up To 10% Off
What T.I Get : 20% Revenue Share
See How I Use StocksCafe : my blog posts

Tip : If you’re an existing user and wishes to take advantage of the special rates, create a new account (use my referral code) and import the transactions from your old account.


You Need A Budget  |  budgeting

You Need a Budget (YNAB) is a budgeting app that I have been using for the past six years. I practically budget and track expenses plus my entire net worth with it. I’ll be honest – YNAB isn’t cheap at its current pricing but it has worked wonders for me. This is why I continue to pay for this app, year after year.

YNAB Referral Link : turtle investor link
What You Get : Free YNAB x 1 Month
What T.I Get : Free YNAB x 1 Month
See How I Use YNAB : my blog posts


Ohm | electricity retailer

I switched to Ohm as my open electricity market (OEM) retailer on 1st March 2019 in order to enjoy a flat 25% off tariff rate every month. The switch has been fuss-free and seamless. The integrated billing (gas, water and electricity) with SP Group meant that there was no change in billing arrangement as I continued to receive a single bill from SP Group.

Ohm Referral Code : OHMREF49DFDE 
What You Get : $20 Credit
What T.I Get : $20 Credit
See How I Use Ohm : my blog posts

SiteGround  |  web hosting

SiteGround has saved my ass countless times. Excellent support with fastastic uptime. Plus a huge bonus that they are not part of the Endurance International Group (EIG).

SiteGround Referral Link : turtle investor link
What You Get : Up To 30% Off
What T.I Get : Free Hosting (GoGeek) x 1 Month
See How I Use SiteGround : my blog posts


* In case you missed the whole chunks of text above that stated the obvious : this page contains affiliate links that either offers free usage of paid services or shares a commission with me 🙂