Lesser updates recently as life has taken over, but you don’t really care anyway, right? πŸ˜‰

I left for a short retreat with my wife to a remote island to recharge and get in touch with nature. It was a good break – think more, do less. Pool-villa all to ourselves, listening to the waves lapping against the shore, all day long. No TV, no air-conditioning, and limited WIFI. Here is the original photo minus the watercolor-ish feel.

There may be detractors, and yes there always will be, but investing with robo-advisor is something I deeply believe in. This is something I’ll continue doing too. USD is strengthening so portfolios will start to see a “positive impact” if you’re into that sort of thing. You want global diversification? You have to take currency risk as part of the package.

I’ll repeat again that this is a marathon and not a sprint. If you really really really have to know, my AutoWealth returns (excl. referral) is currently 1.0% while StashAway is at 0.7% in terms of SGD.

Anyway, it looks like AutoWealth updated their logo with a spiffy looking one.

And check out who got featured on their website –

Haven’t been doing much in the finance arena, and instead been focusing on reading more and more. At the moment, many are getting into the cryptocurrency space for the money – no doubt about it. The great thing is that the ridiculous amount of money starting last year are funding just about anything the geeks and nerds can think of, and many projects are coming to fruition this year onwards.

Putting money aside (if that is even possible), blockchains are indeed an exciting space to be in right now. In a sense, this reminded me of twenty years ago.

Dial-up modems allowed us to get online to the internet, and there were only a handful of websites. It was then around 1997/1998 that I learnt about MUDs (Multi-User Dungeon) which is essentially the predecessor of MMORPGs nowadays.Β  In its simplest form, one can telnet into the server, create a character and start adventuring together with my online friends. Yes, text chat and fight together! SUPER amazing for a secondary school kid. All this on a text-based telnet client and I only had a tiny monthly plan from my ISP. I played every single day.

It was then that I realized that the internet is going to be huge – much more enormous than anyone can imagine. The codebase of the MUD I played is called The Dawn Of Time and is still available at this day and age.

Now with blockchains and web 3.0 : this is the exact same fuzzy feeling that I’m getting. If today is 1997 and you know the internet will look like this twenty years later, what would you have done?

Many local bloggers are already getting into the crypto scene and a short list (purely by memory) of them is below. Some of their writings concern cryptocurrencies and can give a good sense of the general sentiment towards blockchain technology. Gotta be many more. Anyone else that I’ve missed out on?

  • http://gotmoneygothoney.blogspot.sg
  • http://qryptolion.blogspot.sg
  • http://thesleepydevil.blogspot.sg
  • http://valuewarrior.blogspot.sg
  • http://lazyreitinvestor.blogspot.sg
  • http://www.investopenly.com
  • http://www.mysweetretirement.com
  • http://www.sgbudgetbabe.com

Again, look beyond the temporary hot money for once, and think.Β What would you have done?