For start-ups, traction or momentum is very important to keep up the pressure on their rivals. Look no further than the other trinity in the car-for-hire sector in SG (Grab/Uber/Comfort) and you can kind of predict what the robo-advisors are going to face in the near future.

Google Keyword planner tool is a nifty little gem that helps you to uncover trends that you cannot detect in the mainstream media.

For a start, does the general public even know about your product?

From my humble blog’s perspective, I have internet keyword search volume to estimate the ground traction. The average Google Search volume per month based on the Google Keyword planner tool is given below.

Just for fun, I’ve added a couple of other keywords I have used for my blog so that you can get a better idea of how it works.

The first two columns represents Google (Desktop) Singapore and Google (Mobile) Singapore, followed by Yahoo SG and Bing SG. The number represents the ranking my blog is showing up in results when you search for the relevant keywords.

StashAway is hands-down the winner in this category with 1,300 searches per month, followed by Smartly at 590 and AutoWealth at 170.

Note that Smartly(.sg) probably didn’t do such a great job at selecting an unique product name, because and (not related to robo-advisors) keep showing up in search results and I can’t really be sure what people are actually searching for. Therefore, the search volume at 590 may not be an accurate reflection.

AutoWealth is a distant third at 170. Slow and steady, perhaps?

Besides appearing in mainstream and digital media, I know that both StashAway and AutoWealth have been conducting workshops in an effort to engage the public. Blogs, like the one you’re reading now, have also been covering the respective robo-advisors.

As you can see, my blog is also showing up in decent search rankings for both AutoWealth and StashAway. Is that how you got to my blog?

Just for fun, you can see that “index investing” and “index investing singapore” is listing my blog at pretty good positions. On the other hand, the number of people actually searching for the said topics is rather .. sad, to say the least 🙁

Public Service Announcement

Make no mistake, robo-advisors aren’t a sure-win solution. It is definitely a great tool to have at our disposal. Take your time to scrutinize the different robo-advisors if you’re thinking of investing with either AutoWealth, Smartly or StashAway. For a start, do you understand their investment methodology?

Embedded the following Seedly community special video that they did with StashAway last month if you are interested in learning more about StashAway. Full credits to Seedly. The sharing done by Freddy is particularly helpful. And of course, they answer one of the most asked question of all time – US listed ETFs and dividend withholding taxes : why choose them then?

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Posted by Seedly on Tuesday, September 26, 2017