I have written on the guide on the stopover hack. It is located here. As one would expect, many people like it – but yes, they were skeptical. Also, since we’re here in Singapore, there are plenty of short-haul flights that make it really easy to use this travel hack open secret!

Scenario – Pool Villa Addict

The scenario. Let’s assume that you are a pool villa addict like me who frequently fly back-and-forth between Bangkok and Bali.

Flights : DPS (Bali) > SIN > BKK (Bangkok) > SIN > DPS > SIN > BKK > …

Presenting Exhibit A below. I have a portion of the updated SAVER redemption chart. Let’s take some Business Class flights.

A normal person would book a return flight when travelling from Singapore to Bali :

  • SIN > DPS (19,000 miles)
  • DPS > SIN (19,000 miles)

A normal person would book a return flight when travelling from Singapore to Bangkok:

  • SIN > BKK (19,000 miles)
  • BKK> SIN (19,000 miles)

Me i.e. Abnormal Miles-Collecting Person

Well, I’m not a normal person. This means that I book one-way flights with stopovers in Singapore. In case you’re wondering, a simple way to think of a stopover is a connection between flights that is more than 24 hours. We can even leave the airport!

Just a quick note – an KrisFlyer ADVANTAGE (as opposed to SAVER) redemption requires twice as many miles, but have certain perks to it, one of which 1 x free stopover. SAVER flights come with no stopovers, but we can pay US$100 to insert one. Yeahhh!

An abnormal person like me would therefore book flights in this manner :

And like this too :

  • BKK > SIN (21,500 miles) ; stopover
  • SIN > DPS (US$100)

OK. The not-so-good things first. As you might have realized by now, it would require a little bit of flexibility in terms of travel planning. Oh, and US$100. I’m not going to write the same thing again, but if this is new to you then you can check out my older post.

The good thing is obvious – we use much less miles and if you’re lucky, snag some peak-period flights! Guess who is spending the New Year and Labour Day overseas?

In my flight details below, you can see the breakdown of charges – the price is per pax. Taxes are still required to be paid. The S$138 fare is the equivalent of US$100.

Proof Of Miles

I write about stuff I’m doing. I share when it works. I keep a monthly update here. I hope you will give it a try too.

Here’s what I have after using 43,000 KrisFlyer miles to redeem the total of 4 flights for my wife and I. If you’re crunching the numbers in your head, let me help!

  • 4 Business Class Flights = S$448.40 + 43,000 miles, or
  • 1 Business Class Flight = S$112.10 + 10,750 miles (plus some time and effort) 🙂

Yes, I know, not that much of any substantial proof but the very fact that I bother to do this had to mean something, right? 😛

KrisFlyer :

Citi Miles :
(1 Citi Mile : 1 mile)

(1 UNI$ : 2 mile)

DBS Points :
(1 DBS Point : 2 mile)

(1 OCBC$ : 0.4 mile)

Business Flight Chain That Goes On And On ..

This is a series of blog posts that started from the city of Taipei.

  1. Taipei > Singapore
  2. Singapore > Bali 
  3. Bali > Singapore
  4. Singapore > Bangkok (redeemed, not flown yet)
  5. Bangkok > Singapore (redeemed, not flown yet)
  6. Singapore > Bali (redeemed, not flown yet)
  7. Bali > To be determined (not redeemed)