Hosting my own blog isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. “Fun” stuff happens once in a while.

Last Sunday, I got an email from my web host, SiteGround, that my account has used 90% of my monthly allowance of CPU seconds. Which is impossible. And obviously bad, if they shut it down when 100% is reached.

Yes, I do have six blogs hosted on my account but even if I add them all up, I’ll find it hard to even exceed a fraction of my allowed capacity. Which means SOMETHING is not quite right.

First things first, I got on the support (live chat) and informed them of this issue I’m having. SiteGround support is fantastic, I should add, especially after I’ve upgraded to their higher tier-plan. They offered to increase the usage limit for my account temporarily while they assisted in troubleshooting the issue.

Meanwhile, I’ve manged to gather some clues on my end. The high usage wasn’t due to “real” visits via human traffic. Basically, two particular pages were running on steroids and repeatedly loaded –

  • /index.php
  • /admin-ajax.php

Also, Googlebot went nuts and was endlessly crawling my blog.

From an average of 2,000/day it went up to 176,000 at its peak! An 88x increase – no wonder it was gobbling up all my allocated resources.

I Googled for solutions and SiteGround support also quickly responded with suggestions. After quick fixes, it has dropped significantly to about 8,000/day – still 4x of the average but I’ll live. Monitoring the issue for now and I’ll see how it goes.

Averted the disaster this time round and I’m thankful for the awesome support by my web host. Sometimes, we simply get what we pay for – top dollars for a good product is not something I’ll shy away from.

If you’re thinking of running your own blog for whatever reasons, get ready to get your hands dirty once in a while. It’s part of the fun!

Blog News & Stuff

Note – This will be a recurring section that is appended to the end of all my blog posts.

  • Created the Turtle Leisure Chat Telegram group! I hang out quite often when Iā€™m free šŸ˜‰
  • Added a social media section (woweee 2,600 followers) at the sidebar that lets you easily follow my Facebook page + join my Index Investing group + subscribe to my blog + follow me on Twitter + join me on Telegram. Everthing is just one click away.
  • Added the new and exclusive referral links & promo codes page. Wrote down my thoughts and listed some awesome products/services that I’m already paying for. Check it out and give it a read – it might have something you want šŸ™‚