.. Because it is fun!

The first edition of Andrew Hallam’s Millionaire Teacher (THE book that changed my life) was the first time I was introduced to the concept of stock picking via “play money”. I spoke with Andrew once in real life and got his autograph like a fan-boy 🙂

global expatriate guide to investing

If I recall correctly, one of the rules in Millionaire Teacher sort of states that if one really can’t help it, devote not more than 10% of the portfolio to stock picking. Anyway, the idea behind that rule was exactly what constantly kept investing fun and interesting to me! Unfortunately, I think that particular rule doesn’t exist in the second edition anymore.

I’ve written a fair bit on index investing but there isn’t always new and fun stuff to write about it. Robo-advisors came and dug in deep. Endowus and MoneyOwl will be among the new competition muscling their way in for a piece of the action. If index investing is your only cup of tea, check out my older posts which are mostly still relevant – indexing changes at a pretty slow rate.

“Play Money” Portfolio

This is what my dividend portfolio comprises of. The components are largely what I’ve shared before in a previous post. A few new additions since then – 富贵险中求?

Defensive :

  • CapitaLand Mall Trust
  • Frasers Centrepoint Trust
  • Mapletree Commercial Trust
  • NetLink Trust
  • First REIT // Yikes 😛

Siao Eh :

  • Sabana REIT
  • Accordia Golf Trust
  • Asian Pay TV Trust

Non-REITs :

  • DBS // $1.20 per yr (2019)
  • SGX // 7.5 cents per qtr (2019)
  • SingTel // S$0.175 per yr (2019, 2020)

When I first started it, subconsciously I was building it around a min. of 5% yield that was focused more on future growth and sustainability of the distributions. A little REIT-heavy, I suppose.

With the run-up this year, many people would be doing pretty well – if not spectacular. Mine is nothing to shout about. The other day, we were having a short discussion on Telegram on the likelihood of bloggers getting blamed for what we write. I particularly liked what Sim Wong Hoo (Creative boss) said on entrepreneurship, and I think it applies very well to investing too.

I might make bad picks sometimes. I blame nobody except myself when that happens – for not doing enough homework. On the other hand, there are also interesting choices which are already paying dividends – literally and figuratively.

Caveat emptor – which is Latin for “let the buyer beware”.

Stocks Cafe

If you want to track and improve your portfolio (supports SGX, HKEX, KLSE, USX data) with fanciful charts and data like the ones I have above, be sure to check out Stocks Cafe.

I was an early user of Stocks Cafe (previously SGXcafe) and Evan has since made so many improvements to it that I’m surprised he even has time to anything else.

Give the free version of Stocks Cafe a spin (and don’t forget to sign up using my referral code). Just in case you’re interested in subscribing next time, you will lock in a special discount rate.

Longevity Portfolio

While we’re at it, don’t forget to invest time and effort in another portfolio that all of us have. The longevity portfolio requires attention on diet, nutrition, fitness and wellness – all of which cannot afford to be neglected.

This ensures that we are able to enjoy the fruits of our labour with our loved ones.

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