I thought it’ll be fun to do a quick post on the tiny portfolio that I’ve created for my wife since a reader asked. (Hi Jaslyn!)

For the year 2017, the time-weighted returns (including dividends) as of today is 19.42% when compared to STI at 20.99%.

The current portfolio value is $4,320 with profit & dividends of +$724.4 (+18.93%).

For the year, I was able to give my wife dividends for all four quarters. Both CapitaLand Mall Trust and Frasers Centrepoint Trust go with a standard four-quarter distribution schedule with payout dates falling in Feb, May, Aug and Nov.

Feb 2017 : $57.70
May 2017 : $57.70
Aug 2017 : $57.50
Nov 2017 : $57.50

Remember what I blogged in the previous post?

The imagery of being handed a crisp, blue $50 dollar bill every 3 months is a vivid and tangible outcome that many people can associate with. You see, starting with $4,000 gets you a $50 payout every 3 months. Imagine this. What if you had invested “only” $12,000? You can get, on average, $50 every, single, month! That’s like an invisible elf/dwarf who works hard 24/7 with no complains and earns money just for you!

My wife was delighted to receive $230.40 in dividends, compared to the peanuts that she would have gotten if she parked her money in her bank.

It worked! In fact, she had even proactively set aside additional sums of money for her personal fund manager (oh, that’s me) to invest on her behalf 🙂

And no, I did not use any of that money yet. The market has indeed run up considerably in this year.

And so, I took the opportunity to share my second simple trick. While waiting for opportunities, park ready-to-deploy-any-time funds in a “high” interest account like the CIMB FastSaver. Even though there isn’t any fish, shrimps are not bad too 😉