Be careful of what you wish for, right? It feels like that the perfect storm has just hit.

Fellow financial independence, retire early (FIRE) seekers, this is the moment that you have been waiting for. Or maybe, not just yet.

The stock market tanked, again, as a result of the Saudi oil price war. How long do you think it will take for the European and US economies to start getting wrecked by the coronavirus? Italy full lockdown has started. The Asian crystal ball has shown you the path. It is not a matter of if, but when.

And yet, this isn’t quite the “50% sale” type of prices yet. How low will it go? Do you have what it takes to resist/start buying?

All those years of reading, writing and planning. This is it – what will you do? I remember seeing many new bloggers during the turn of the year. This is the best time ever to start and continue blogging, if ever. Pen down your thoughts, your feelings, your wins and your losses. We will all turn out to be better investors after this.

Tapping On Reserves

I feel that it is important to be transparent in a situation like this. Twitter and FIRE bloggers be like, once-in-a-lifetime black swan event let’s buy! But, let’s not forget to be prudent as many industries are facing job security risks as well, in view of the coronavirus.

When I say invest, I have different tiers of reserves to tap on at different stages, and each of them have opportunity costs, some in terms of yield :

  • War chest sitting in bank account (1-2%)
  • Robo advisor 20% rebalancing value i.e. bonds
  • CPF-OA (2.5%)
  • Singapore Savings Bonds (2%)
  • Crypto USD stable coins (8-9%)

And they happen to be listed according to how likely and the sequence I will use them. If the situation persists into a 50% rout from all-time-high then I may well utilize up to 4 or even 5 of my options above.

Annual Giveaway 2019

I have sent out the email to the lucky winner! An annual problem is that it tends to be flagged out as spam. If you are oh*****[email protected] please check your spam folder!

If you didn’t win, don’t forget to whitelist contact[at]turtleinvestor[dot]net Subscribers are forever eligible for the giveaway regardless of when you subscribed. I’m planning for additional giveaways this year so keep a lookout here if my plans go through.

Announcement : I closing my Telegram account and groups because I will be terminating the SIM card linked to that account. Please head over to my Discord server – no registration required! As always, open to direct message (DMs) if you want to chat.




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